Jump Start (Simple) Workout

SIMPLE techniques to get you exercising (again)

Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Blog-Water Weight-The Sai Life
This month is about building a solid foundation to help you get in great shape for the long haul.

Last week, we kicked it off with sleep. Now we move on to the clear liquid. Not vodka but the H2O.
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Blog-Sleep the Pounds Away-The Sai Life
Did you pack on pounds from the summer vacation and weekends of BBQs?

If yes, stay tuned. In the next few weeks, we will be giving you some ideas on how to drop the summer poundage, fast.

First up…sleep.
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Blog-Tipsgiving-The Sai Life
A Few Tips to Limit the Damage on Turkey Day: Workout in the AM, drink lots of water, eat a small snack an hour before you eat, wait 20 minutes before you go for seconds, go for a walk after the first round of eating, repeat…drink more water!
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