Workouts and realistic meal plans guided by a NASM/ISSA certified fitness trainer


Apparel, hats, and mugs that say what you think, make you feel good, and just look pretty cool


Health tips, resources to help better understand today’s world, and everything in between
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We are Sai and Joeslyn. One is a NASM/ISSA certified fitness trainer and the other has a 9 to 5 IT job in the entertainment industry. Together, we help people get healthier and we sell some merch, too. Thanks for stopping by!

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Workouts focusing on form and building confidence with realistic meal plans that fit your lifestyle.

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Did you ever hear a phrase and say, "that should be on a shirt!"? We took it literally and a shop was born. Find sayings, puns, and affirmations that you're glad are on a shirt, tank, hoodie, hat, or mug!

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