Meet Stasha: Day 31

Watch Meet Stasha: Day 31

Stasha: I thought the hardest thing I was going to do was walk up to a random stranger and ask about training. That ended up being the easiest fucking thing I have done this year…and the most life-changing.

The hardest part was showing up and putting in the work. It was a struggle to wake up for the morning sessions and then double up with evening sessions. I was so nervous (and still am!) every time Sai had me do new exercises. I still think about being that fat girl looking stupid. But it was like therapy that helped me with all the stress I was dealing with.

For 20+ years, I did the yo-yo dieting, starving myself, using laxatives…nothing worked. Now I understand I am a food addict and handle it by limiting the damage and finding alternatives to cravings. The Sai Life is alcohol and weed friendly, so I learned I don’t have to cut everything out.

I am a completely different person physically and mentally now. I am no longer diabetic or have high blood pressure. I am off most medications. I can sleep in my bed. I can get up from the ground. Even my skin looks better with no more dark patches from high blood sugar. I go out more instead of living a secluded life in the dark like a vampire. It is nice to not feel like I am being judged for how I look.

Sai: We started Operation All Eyez in late October 2017 and holy crap I didn’t expect it to go this well! Stasha lost 190+ pounds. She could run a 5k nonstop. We discovered how strong she was. But the most important part was how she stuck to the meal plan. If she didn’t do that, there was no way she could have gotten close to how much she actually lost. So proud of her!!

Stasha: I am happy with my weight loss progress so far, but know I still have a ways to go to reach my goal weight. I owe The Sai Life so much for helping get my life back.

Sai: Here at The Sai Life, we don’t do victory laps. We call it BEFORE AND STILL GOING. The first part of the trilogy is complete. Starting January 2nd, we start Operation Redemption Road. See you on the other side….

Meet Stasha

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