May Day Abs Challenge Week #2

Week 2, guys! Hope you are sticking with it!  Let’s go 💪🏽

  • Keep legs straight and together
  • Arms straight.
  • At the same time, do a crunch and leg lift.
  • Only go a couple of inches off the ground.
  • Breathe out on the way up.
  • Squeeze at the top and come back down.

**You should not feel it in the lower back. If you are experiencing that, you might be going too high.

Accordion Crunche

  • Arms and legs straight.
  • Try to get the elbows and knees to touch. It’s ok if you don’t, but get as close as possible.
  • Once they touch, extend the legs and arms out.
  • In your mind, feel the crunch at the beginning and then the stretch.

**Again, you should not feel it in the back. Your legs might be too high up, so make sure it’s a few inches off the ground.


See last week’s Abs Challenge Week #1.
Abs Challenge

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