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Free Fitness Training Session!

Try us out with a free session! Whether you live or work near West Los Angeles and can see us in person or you live across the country and can Zoom, you can meet with Sai to discuss goals and do your first workout. Email us at info@thesailife.com or DM us @thesailife on Instagram to schedule your session.

20% Off Store Items

Use promo code LINKINBIO20 at checkout to get 20% off your entire order!

Tips of the Week Newsletter

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Pull-Up Bands

Bands can be a great way to help with pull-ups. You can start with the thickest band and then gradually work on using thinner ones until you can do them on your own!

Water: How much should you drink every day?

Amounts of water per day vary so talk to your doctor or check out this article from the Mayo Clinic for recommendations.

Cactaki Water Bottle

Have a hard time drinking your 64oz of water a day? Check out this water bottle that has hourly markings to keep you on track. Just drink two of these and you got your water for the day!

"My Trainer is My Therapist" Shirts

Working out is not just physical. Some sessions turn into therapy sessions. We can only imagine what trainers know!

Joeslyn's Self Care Routine

Check out Joeslyn’s Self Care Routine and the products she is currently using!

Register to Vote

If you want real change in this country, there’s only one way we can do it and that’s by voting. So register today at whenweallvote.org.

The Sai Life Experience: Living Room Sessions

This is our guide to working out outside of the gym. In each episode, our very own Sai, the “Sai” in The Sai Life and NASM/ISSA certified personal trainer, will teach you a few exercises and then put it all together to give you a great workout you can do at home or anywhere with little if any equipment.

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