Want a butt tighter than a conga drum like the lady kicking ass in the video?

Mastering The Squat

  • Head and chest up. Keep your eyes fixed at a point in front of you and look at that spot throughout the whole squat. Dip the eyes down and your body will be going forward…that’s a BIG NO NO!
  • Your feet should be shoulder width, knees slightly bent, butt out, and feet slightly opened (opens up the hips so you can go lower).
  • The second before you start, press the feet down to the ground (imagine putting holes through the ground). Two reasons why that’s huge: 1) It keeps you properly balanced and 2) All your power comes from the ground to the feet and up the body.
  • As you go down, really shoot the butt out so you can maintain proper form and balance. A good way to see if you’re doing it right is to look at your feet at the bottom of the position. If your knees are blocking them, then you are too forward.
  • For beginners, try to go as low as you can go. Right now it’s more important for you to learn the form. As for the more advanced, go butt below knee. If you squat pros are not doing butt below knee, then you are half assing it!
  • On the way up, really press the feet down to the ground, squeeze your butt (pushes your hips forward), keep your abs tight, and breathe out. Voila! You did a proper squat. Congrats!
  • If you’re struggling with your body going forward, try Step #6. Keep practicing and you will get there.


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