Want to have a great back and arms? And get them strong and ripped ASAP? My answer to those questions is start doing pull-ups! They are hard and most people can’t do them because of one reason, lack of practice. The best way to start learning how to do a pull-up is by buying or borrowing an assisted band.⁠

In the video, our featured fitness model and client, Ash, is using an assisted pull-up band.⁠

*Sai-de note: Picking a band depends on skill level. Ex. If you are not even close to doing a pull-up, pick the thickest band available. Ash is using one that’s about an inch thick. If you master that band, go thinner until you can do a pull-up on your own.⁠

How to do a Pull-Up⁠


  • Start with arms outside the body.⁠
  • Hang all the way down so arms are straight*.⁠
  • Have a nice strong grip.⁠

Going Up⁠

  • Start by squeezing the shoulder blades and breathing out. That will give your body the initial push up. You don’t want to be tense so breathing out helps keep your body loose. Pull-ups are hard. Don’t make them harder!⁠
  • Trust the band! It will help you so make a nice smooth transition up.⁠

Going Down⁠

  • Once you get the chin over the bar, come back down to starting position with arms fully extended.⁠

You have now done a perfect form assisted pull-up. Congrats 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

**Sai-de note to the sai-de note: If you still can’t do a pull-up using an assisted band, get someone to spot you. (See video.)⁠

It’s not going to be easy and can take a long time, but if you stick with it, one day you will do it!!⁠

Please tag or DM me! I would love to see how you guys are doing or if you need any advice. #Goodluck⁠

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