How To: Lunges

Make sure to do the following:
  • Keep head and chest up.
  • Focus eyes on a focal point just ahead of you. Do not dip your eyes down or your body will lean forward.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades back to keep body straight. Do not let go until completing your reps.
  • Keep abs tight at all times.
  • Keep one knee forward and bend that back leg in a 90 degrees angle.
  • Push your feet to the ground to start the movement back up.
  • At the same time, start squeezing your butt to help you lift back to the starting position.

Lunges are hard and dangerous to do, so for beginners, don’t worry about going low. Focus on the form on the way down and pushing with feet and squeezing of butt to get you back up.

Trainer’s Tip: If you are off balance when going down, stop!!! You are not ready yet to get lower than that position. Find the spot you feel comfortable with and keep practicing until you can go lower and lower. Might take a few weeks or months but it’s better than hurting your knees on Day One.

Trainer’s rant: If you are a trainer and a client can’t do a regular bodyweight lunge, don’t give them dumbbells!! Please🙏🏽 I see that potentially disastrous mistake all the damn time! We are supposed to help not hurt our clients.

How To

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