It’s New Exercise to Learn and Conquer Wednesday! 💪🏽 This week, we go over the assisted band dips for the beginners.

Trainer’s opinion:⁠
When it comes to hitting and growing the lower chest,⁠ the slight lean forward dip is a waaaay better exercise than the decline bench. Bar none! Every pun intended.⁠

Proper Form for Assisted Band Dips:⁠

  • Set up the band. (See video.)
  • Hands should be FIRMLY on the band and parallel bars. Don’t want to fall, so make sure it’s secured.⁠
  • Put both knees on the hanging part of the band.⁠

At this point you will be moving all around so try to push the knees down into the band and keep your abs tight. Still having an issue? Have someone there to keep you steady.⁠

Back to the show:⁠

  • Start bending your arms as you start to descend while chest leans a LITTLE forward⁠.
  • Dip down until your chest is just slightly below your elbows. Do not let the chest go lower than the bar because your shoulders are in a vulnerable position.⁠
  • Squeeze your chest and triceps.
  • Start to straighten out your arms until you lock out your elbows.

Congrats!! You just did an assisted band dip👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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