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Live, work, or pass through West LA? Come work out with us and make some friends. Even if you’re not local or would rather work out alone, we can figure something out. We offer personal training, group classes, and online coaching that work with your lifestyle and schedule.


The results of my training with Sai have been dramatic and enduring, physically, emotionally and most importantly behaviorally.Mitch


The Sai Life has changed my life. I have finally been able to jump out of my comfort zone and do things I have never done before.Nichole


Sai is a health guru, fat burning shaman, muscle sensei, fitness visionary extraordinaire.Mista Cookie Jar


I'm not convinced I could have lost 70 lbs. on my own.Kosie

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Tips of the Week

8 Tips to Avoid Injuries While Exercising

Every person that exercises fears getting that dreaded injury. Every beginner that is new to exercise has an overriding fear of getting an...

Tips of the Week

Why Am I Always So Tired?

Sleep is one of those things we all know is good for us, but it’s sometimes hard to actually implement. There’s this persistent...

How To

How To: Pull-Ups

Want to have a great back and arms? And get them strong and ripped ASAP? My answer to those questions is start doing...


ICYMI: IG & FB 9/7/19

So proud of my young padawan, @adamschmidt big time score mixer to the stars, who never really worked out to someone who is dominating at...

Tips of the Week

Guide to Fall Fitness and Health

The end of summer can seem like a sad time of year, but there's something about the cool, crisp air that can breathe...

Tips of the Week

9 Mediterranean Diet Benefits that Explain Why Experts Like it So Much

The ketogenic diet may have been the buzziest eating plan in 2018, but is it the healthiest overall? According to U.S. News and...


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