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World’s first deluxe whey protein energy bar! What’s the buzz surrounding Detour – the world’s first deluxe triple-layer whey protein bar? It doesn’t look lie a regular protein bar, and it certainly doesn’t taste like a protein bar. But it is! With 32 grams of protein – powered by Designer Whey – each delicious bite delivers a candy bar-like taste you’ve never experienced before. Take a Detour and unleash the outrageous flavor of real roasted peanuts drowning in caramel… smothered in rich chocolate.

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Detour Bars by Forward Foods (formerly Next Nutrition) were one of the first high-protein nutrition bars to break out of the stereotypical mold of old school bars. Prior to Detour bars, none of the high protein bars really tasted very good. They weren’t terrible, but their texture, flavors and sweetness levels left a lot to be desired. You ate them for the nutritional content only and you lived with the taste the best you could.

Detour Bars changed all that with innovative new formulations that produced rich, delicious candy-bar-like tastes. In fact, when Detour Bars first appeared, many people had a hard time believing they were nutrition bars at all. But despite the great taste, Detour Bars really are nutrition bars with a whopping 30 grams of super high-quality Designer Protein per bar. That’s as much as a 5 egg omlette(!), but with a tiny fraction of the cholesterol. The moderate amounts of fat and carbs in Detour Bars are enough to make them nutritionally complete meal replacements, yet not so high that they’ll wreck your diet. If taste is important to you and you still haven’t found a high-protein bar you like, the next bar you try should be Detour.


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